These Strategies Will Convince Any Customer To Buy From You FAST

The Question every sales persons keeps asking . . .

How do i convince my customers to buy my products?

Some persons become so desperate that they undervalue their products just to get customers.The importance of learning sales techniques cannot be overemphasised. You definitely need to get this skills to scale in business and the funny thing is that these skills are constantly evolving as technology is but notwithstanding, the same ol’ sales skills can still and is still working.

Okay! I just want to simply break down things for you and give you just 4 strategies you can apply today and get your first sale faster than you can say abracadabra. Previously i wrote an article here explaining How to get people to buy your product, and i gave about 7 different ways. You should definitely check that out after reading this article.

So let’s dive right in…

1. Tell a Story
2. Use their why as a Bait
3. Give them Testimonials Overload
4. Give them at Least 2 Offers to choose from . . . 

You see these 4 strategies, THEY ARE CRAZZZYYYYYY in the sales game. I mean if you can totally get this right, you will be on your way to the top 10% sales persons in your industry.

As kids we grew up being told stories, some of which remain fresh in our memories. Have you ever asked yourself why you still remember that particular story you listened to, or that movie you watched or that book you read years ago but can not even remember the ones you saw few weeks ago?  I will tell you…

Story telling is psychological. It is a way of connecting to the viewer to inspire them to take an action. Story telling has been in existence since the beginning, even Jesus told stories. You see marketing, even Jesus was great at this.
Storytelling in marketing helps consumers to understand why they should care about something, and it works to humanise your brand.

People buy because of emotions, you have to understand that. They are not necessarily buying your product or service, they are buying the happiness it would provide. Most times, these persons forget why and are immersed in the bulky sales script you write for them and they get lost. Your aim when selling anything is to sell happiness, sell benefits, not the product itself.

Once you can inculcate story telling to your products and services, your sales will burst through the roof. Your customers and prospects will know why they really want to buy from you.


This strategy is the most obvious of all but a large percentage of all marketers do not exploit this well enough. Yes, the reason why that customers wants to buy your cream is to cure their acne but that is not the WHY.

The why is….
I look ugly.
I cannot go to that public meeting.
I do not get jobs because my appearance ruins my chances.
My Girlfriend is ashamed of showing me to her friends.

Can you see what i am saying? Now that is the WHY.
Instead of writing a long sales script about how to cure acne and features of your product, just write a short story of how acne almost ruined a life till they got in contact with your product. SIMPLE. If you notice, you will create a psychological connection with the customer because you understand the why.
Take your time to research your market audience and understand their why, because that is what makes them take massive determined actions.


I help clients run advertisements for their business on Facebook, Instagram and google and the results I get are amazing and i Show them off a lot. When they said seeing is believing, they meant it literally… People just want to see other people’s results before they even think of paying for anything. Hey, you want that too. Buying anything without a showcase of previous results or reviews are difficult but not totally impossible. Whichever way, if you want fast sales you just have to get reviews from who your product or services has helped and if you are a new business, i suggest you do some FREE freelancing jobs like offer your product or service for free to some folks first and get reviews from them then you can gather them all and create a review or testimonial board.



Okay this part is also psychological too. In fact, sales is psychological. Everything about sales is.
I just had to get that off my mind. . . .

Now you like to convince your customers to buy from you, forget the sales copy for a second and the advert targeting as well. What is the smallest tweak you can apply and your sales go off the roof? YOUR OFFER

Normally, When a customer sees your product, these three questions comes in mind…
1. Do I want to buy this? (Assuming you did not use the first two strategies)
2. Does this really work? (Assuming you did you use the third strategy)
3. Can I afford this now? (Well, this is an obvious question)

Note: if you had already applied my first 3 strategies, the first and second question would be answered. The third question is not totally in your power but the impact of the first 3 strategies can influence it. How? If your offer is so good, your customers can borrow to get them.

So let’s continue…

The last product you saw and wanted to buy, wasn’t these the questions that hovered your mind? Of course, yes.
What if i told you how you can strategically change all those questions to “WHICH DO I WANT TO BUY?” 

Now, when you have 2 or even 3 offers.. The psychology of your sales changes. The customer will no longer ask those questions but will instead contemplate on which offer they should take.

Now, make sure not to choke them with many offers or else, they will run. In fact, 3 is enough. Anything more than 3 offers is catastrophic.

The psychology behind this is to make the big one outrageous, then the smallest one so weak with less features and then the middle one, which is the main one you really want them to buy, compelling.

over 70% will go for the middle one, 20% for the smallest and well, 10% will want your best offer.

Applying these 4 strategies will make your sales and business signups go off the roof, I use them on a daily basis to sell my products and services and yea, they work exceedingly great.

I hope this article helped? If you want me to advertise your business and help you apply these strategies, then CLICK HERE TO SEE MY ADVERTS OFFERS

Talk to you soon,

Daniel Iloh.

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