You Are Losing Lots of Sales and Signups If You Are Not Applying This On Your Business

It is 2020, every business should be online and i am not talking social media, i am talking about having a website. A recent survey on shows that almost 4.57 billion people were active internet users as of July 2020, encompassing 59 percent of the global population.

Do you know much sales you are really missing out on?

Creating a website but specifically a sales page funnel is very necessary to increase business growth for you.

What is the difference between a website and a sales page funnel?

Simple! Your website discusses all the products and services your company has to offer while a sales page discusses just one offer and entices the visitor to sign-up for that single offer.

Further explaining, What is sales page funnel?

A sales page funnel is, in essence, the series of steps that your lead or prospect will have to go through before they become your customer. It is usually a page or series of pages( at least 3) in which the prospects passes through various sales stages till they actually make a purchase or end up contacting you.

A sales page can do great wonders for your business as it is way more better to sell one product or service at a time, than to sell much at the same time, on the same page. Take for example, if you went to to buy items and you end up seeing different options and recommendations, you could get immersed in all that decision trauma and end up not even making a purchase. Same thing as when you login to your Netflix account to watch a movie and end up seeing tons of them, you get confused and just end up logging out.

The same principle applies to business and that is why majority of businesses today, used sales page funnels.

Here are some reasons why you need a sales funnel right now for your business:

Your Marketing becomes automated and simpler:

The stress of explaining your business afresh to every customer you meet or have a phone call with is just crazy. I used to do this till i found out about sales pages as well. When you have a sales funnel in place, you would be able to explain your business to leads first then some will convert to sales or signups and the other ones would call you already having your business explanations in mind.

With this put in place, all you need to do now is invest in adverts to get more and more people into your funnel.

Conversion rates are improved:

This totally makes sense. Your conversion rates will sky-rocket because now you can make money even when you are unavailable. Once you can create a great sales page funnel pitch, you will experience a great conversion rate in your business. Remember, a more clear funnel means more targeted marketing which in turn brings in more leads which results in more interests, and ultimately more customers.

You can predict your sales/signups:

What you ultimately want is to get sales and signups and leaving that to luck is not ideal in any business. A business person needs an ideal or probable profits he can get for every dollar he spends and that is why a sales page funnel is very essential. You can be able to accurately predict how much you will sell in the future and this will help you to start putting in efforts to meet your projected target for a period of time.

Your revenue will grow:

Well, this is exactly what you need right? Every benefit mentioned above, in the end, directly translates into the one benefit that every business cares about the most. More dollars on the table! Even more importantly, since you know what helped you rake in the extra revenue, you will be able to replicate your success and in time, even double it.

So there you go! I am sure this article must have convinced you of how important a sales funnel is.

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