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We will create systems and touch-points that allows your audience to experience your brand at different levels.

Each levels of touch-points builds trust and brand loyalty until the point where they have to commit to your brand (To buy from you or to book a call)

The goal is to deliver a connected and personalized messaging to your audience in such a way that your brand stands out and to achieve this, we focus on five(5) touchpoints:

  • A Website

    We will setup a sales funnel system talking about your offer and laying more ground work into how you can help your audience.

  • Email Marketing

    We will setup automated emails, personalized to each audience allowing them to communicate with your brand on a closer level.

  • Social Media Platforms

    We will setup social media adverts on Facebook and Instagram to create an omni-presence branding where your audience sees you across all platforms

  • Content Marketing

    We will create automated contetns that will be shared periodically to engage your audience and keep your brand in their minds

At best, within a short period of timeframe after implementation, your brand will be stuck in the minds of your audience until they commit to you.


60 reviews on
Convenient Homes
Convenient Homes
I had an amazing experience with Daniel Iloh . He was very attentive , patient and my job was delivered as scheduled to my satisfaction . The customer service was top-notch, and product exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend him/them to anyone looking for excellent service .
Daniel helped me set up my Facebook ads. I started seeing results the following day. I'm so excited 😊
Osalumese Nwoko
Osalumese Nwoko
Good morning, Boss. I am so thankful that I made a choice of having to buy that facebook messaging ads course. Thank you for pouring so much in there... No regrets at all. With this, my business takes a profitable u turn. Too many uncertainties were solved in that course. Thank you one again.
Akabueze Chukwunonso
Akabueze Chukwunonso
Honestly I decided to give you a try but you have proven yourself for the 7 days you managed our page by causing traffic on our Instagram and Facebook pages. As at today we have received up to #2,000,000 transactions from the 7 days ad. Thank you very much Daniel Iloh for your good job. God bless you.
Okeke Promise
Okeke Promise
Don't want to be too apt! Would have given a 5 Star. Damn Right!!! Daniel is a God in this field abeg. He is not like others who sets up Ad for you and leaves you there. He go carry your product for head and make sure you sell massively. His Follow up?? Top notch; as if it's his own. His results are undeniable. Now I no longer waste unnecessary funds on ads that doesn't yield results😊😊♥️
Prince Macauley
Prince Macauley
"Mr. Dan, I can't thank you enough for the transformative experience I've had since attending your Sales Ignite class. As my mentor and coach, you've been instrumental in reshaping my approach to business and sales. Your insights have not only propelled my business in the right direction but have also helped me establish a strong personal brand. The impact on my professional growth has been remarkable. Your guidance has made a significant difference in my life, and I'm immensely grateful for your support. Thank you for being an exceptional mentor. Thank you very much ❤️🏅
Obasi Fredrick
Obasi Fredrick
I am incredibly grateful to Mr. Daniel for creating such an incredible training program. Joining Sales Ignite was the best decision I have ever made as an online business owner. Now, I can build my own sales funnel, run my ads, infact create my entire business strategy and automate the whole process. After just a few hours of work, I can rest easy knowing my business is running on autopilot, even when I'm not there. Thank you so much, Mr. Daniel, for your coaching. I can't really believe I learnt all the necessary skills needed to run any online business for just a token on SALES IGNITE . I truly appreciate your good work!
Utop Solutions
Utop Solutions
Honestly, I am a very critical judge of what value is, being a value creator myself, and my experience with Daniel Iloh has been graceful. I am very grateful that I took the opportunity to sign up for the Sales Ignite Training Program, now I'm better position for advanced and more valuable value creation. Thanks Daniel Iloh, I am deeply grateful. God bless you richly.
Wonderful service. Got an excellent result from Mr iloh within few days to my product launch and I got amazing signups. Thank so much Mr. Iloh for your marketing effort. Money well spent.


  • Ads Campaign Management

    We manage your adverts on Facebook, Instagram for 90 days. We handle retargeting, audience creation and segmentation, data reporting, omni presence targeting and adverts setup.

  • Sales funnel setup and management

    We setup a sales page to launch your business professionally and funnel your audience through a system that guarantees conversion from lead status to customer status.

  • Email marketing automations and workflows

    We integrate email automation into your funnel to allow nurturing of leads and increasing brand retention.

  • Content management

    We take care of all the content we need to achieve our goals during this 90 days minimum period.

  • Weekly progress reports

    We will send you progress reports weekly to ensure we are reaching or goals and milestones

The FUNNEL-IT will work for you AND HERE IS WHY:

There are business owners who are comfortable at the level they are at now, and then, there are others looking to break that barrier and enter the next level.

There are business owners who have decided to remain small, and then, there are others who want to be big and have a global team.

If you are one of the others, then this program is right for you.


Increased Sales Revenue

We will create automated systems to drive more sales and generate higher revenue for their business.

Improved Return on Investment (ROI):

We will maximize the effectiveness of paid ads by implementing automated strategies that result in a higher ROI.

Streamlined Marketing Processes

We will automate repetitive marketing tasks to save time and resources, allowing for more efficient operations.

Increased Brand Awareness

We will use automated systems to consistently promote brand messaging across multiple channels, resulting in greater brand visibility and awareness.

Improved Customer Engagement and Retention

We Implement automated communication workflows to engage customers at key touchpoints and foster long-term relationships.

Scalability and Growth

We create automated systems that can scale with the business, allowing for sustainable growth and expansion into new markets or product lines.


Simple, straight forward pricing that works for every business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once we get your quote request, we will book you in for a call to understand your business goals before giving you a quote on the call. 

Depending on the complexity of the project, the start time could take within 10 – 14 working days to go live. (Max: 14 Working Days)

No, the advertising cost will be added in your quote based on recommendations.

A recommend minimum daily spending will be made clear to you on the call.

Sure, you can ask for the ad content revision. Note that, this is not a social management service. We are simply creating content for advertising campaign purposes.

STEP 1 – We will review the answers provided on the quote form to determine if you are our ideal client. If successful, you will get a link to book a call with us. This link will be sent via email.

STEP 2 – When we get on the call, we will discuss and create an advertising strategy for the minimum contract period. You will need to give us access to your brand pages and Ad accounts.

STEP 3 – The project setup phase commences and will take approximately 10-14 working days. Once all is done, it will be shared with you for a review before we launch.

STEP 4- Once its approved, we will launch the project alongside the advertising campaign and you will get weekly reports.

Some businesses see results from the first day and some after weeks of extensive testing and optimization. In all cases, you must have realistic expectations. Becoming profitable from the first week of testing is not always possible.

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