This Is How Business Sales/Signups Work, Understand It Now!

If you have read my e-book material on “How To Follow Up On Prospects And Convert Them”,
You will understand that there are no magic in getting business sales or signups, it is all about following a set rules and then using these rules to develop a strategy that works best for you. Obviously, everyone can not have the same strategy and that is why this sales/signup stuff is a personal stuff.

Creating your own strategy means you have understood various mediums and channels of reaching out to people and you have setup a system that works well with your lifestyle and time schedule. All the same, these rules of business sales/signups has to be followed thoroughly to be able to create this system.

First thing you need to know is that

“People Buy From Or Signup With Whom They Feel Connected To”

Understanding this simple principle will put you in a knowledgeable zone. This principle explains your question “Why did buy from my competitor and not me, are we not selling the same thing? Mine is even better”. This same principle explains why your business partners in your office or even friends would not signup or buy from you yet. Truth be told, they do no feel connected to you yet.

The connection between you and your prospect has to be valid before a sale or signup will be made. They need to know you feel their pain point, you understand it, you have gotten a solution for it and finally, you want to give that solution to them and be held accountable for it.

Now, This Is How Business Sales/Signups Work↧

You get the leads, you turn then to prospects then they become customers and you get that money! This system is the set rules for getting more sales and signups into your business.
Simple but yet, this is where all the mistakes are made which lead to zero sales/signups.

I have listed a set of rules for you to follow religiously in other to understand how sales/signups work:

1. Leads and prospects are NOT THE SAME THING:

While the majority of persons believes that leads and prospects are the same thing, they are not. Getting leads is the first step of the sales cycle and Leads are people that saw your adverts and maybe got interested in it and just clicked on your advert link or image. Note that, these leads do not know much about your business yet. They are still assuming it will interest them. Leads are people that you have had a one-side communication with i.e, you have not communicated with them thoroughly.

Prospects on the other hand, has engaged with you, understands your business model and then deciding if to take an action or not depending on how well you engaged with them.

What am i saying here?
Those persons that clicks on your adverts are not prospects, they are leads.
Those persons that enters your whatsapp groups are not prospects, they are leads.
Those persons that joins your email list are not prospects, they are leads.

The moment you begin a 2-way conversation with them, they become prospects.

2. You need convert a lead to a prospect to further increase your chances of getting sales/signups:

If you want to attract more clients or customers, you’ll want to transform your leads into prospects.This process is called qualification, or prospecting. In order for a lead to become a prospect, they need to fit three criteria: they must match your target market, need or desire what you are offering, and have the power to make a purchase i.e they do not need permission from their bosses. These are the factors you have to determine in your research and your sales conversations in order to move your leads down the funnel,

3. Finally, you need to dedicate a time for follow up:

Once you have converted a lead to a prospect and yet they haven’t made a purchasing decision but they have the authority to purchase, then that means they currently do not have the money to. You will need to follow up on this selected few so they would have it in mind to buy or signup any small window they get.

Having said all these, I hope you now understand how business sales/signups works.

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Talk to you soon,
Daniel Iloh.

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