How To Make Customers Rush You

I received a new chat the other day and It was a 6-figures payment receipt for one of my services. Afterwards, I confirmed it and the client asked the most hilarious question

“Is this how others pay you? I mean, they do not contact you or call you, they just go through your offer and make payment?”

I answered with a resounding “YES”

The simple secret of closing sales fast is by putting the lead or prospect in a cliffhanger that is making the lead or suspect filled with so much suspense that they just want to try out what you are selling and the way to do this in an automated way, I mean without having to talk or communicate with the client initially, is by getting your business online.

You see, positioning yourself as an authority in your business will give you the upper hand. As an authority, people look up to you to offer value and content and they are patiently waiting for your next product to put in their credit cards and make a purchase.

In essence, no matter the business you run you need to GET ONLINE NOW

I am telling you, if your business is not yet online you are missing a lot of sales.
Putting your business online means owning a website landing page where you can explain all details about your business, offer value to the leads or potential customers and finally ask for a sale. If this is done well, they will definitely purchase.

You will notice that this sequence puts the power in your hands, no longer will you make calls to clients asking and begging them for a sale or chatting first and trying to get a sale, all you need to do is to run an advert on that landing page website and once they come there, they read through and make a purchase and even if they have to call you before they do so, you will still have the power because they called. This way you will know they are the serious ones.

Once you have your business online, Now They Can Come To You

What happens when you position yourself as an authority and trusted advisor while providing helpful content in your sales page website?

Your prospect will contact you.

What to do now?
It is time to setup your business online and I can help you do that.

I have a service where I will help you setup a sales funnel landing page to sell your product or service on a website.

Visit and get started.

Do not procrastinate this, get your business online today.

Talk to you soon,
Daniel Iloh.

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