How To Improve Productivity And Reach Your Goals Faster

One thing common with everyone on earth is that We all have goals, we all have ideas and we all have the same 24 hours a day. What we do with that 24 hours sets the tone of our lives and that makes achieving goals one of the most important priorities in our lives.

I have outlined 10 tips that can guide you to Improve Productivity And Reach Your Goals Faster

1) Dedicate a Time Period

You have to set aside one particular period of the day to work on your goals and commit to it even if it means locking yourself out from the world for just that time period. Following this tip will eliminate any chance of procrastination right out of the gate and give you the time needed to work on your goals consistently.

2) Write It Down

I always tell people, if your goals are not clearly and meticulously written then you must be deceiving your self. It is not enough to say your goals out loud and repeat it to yourself daily. If you do not have a clearly written down to-do list on how to achieve and work on that goal, you will no achieve it. Anything written down is no longer mere words but a plan of action and affirmation.

3) Write Your Goals In The Present Tense

There is a huge difference between “I will earn 10Million by December” and “I earn 10Million In December”.
The first statement gives you a perceived future and imagination of what is possible, of what you can achieve in the future whereas the latter, tells you you have already achieved it.

The latter statement takes your subconscious into the future and start setting pathways for your present state of mind to do all it can to meet up to the future state of mind. Always write your goals in the present tense.

4) Be Realistic in Goals Settings

As much as I want to just pick up my book and write “I earn 10Billion in the next one year” I just have to be real now. I am not saying achieve that in a year is not possible but it is always paramount to set your goals accordingly. By breaking down Short-term goals and long-term goals, you get a more clear vision to work on them and this would ultimately boost your motivation and substantially increase your productivity. Over committing will hinder you from achieving set goals so make sure your plans are clearly stated with enough timing to let you perform effectively.

5) Plan Ahead

No one knows tomorrow, you must have heard it. The truth it, that statement is not entirely right because if you plan ahead you will know about 50-70% of the things you will do the next day. This would make your day more efficient, productive and positive. Always have a book where you plan ahead, not just the next day but the next week, next month or even next year.

6) Stop Trying To Multitask

Jack of all trades and master at none. You must have heard of this. Maybe you heard somewhere that multitasking is good and will give you more results, truth is it doesn’t. When you multitask you will end up not doing each task properly and to the fullest and you will end up not accomplishing the purpose of each of them or even anyone. Stop splitting your attention of the quality of each work will suffer. Finish with one first, then move to the next.

7) Always Start With Your Hardest Task

The hardest task is what makes us procrastinate and end up not doing even the simpler ones. Given that stress and worry are the enemies of productivity, tackling the toughest task on your to-do list first-thing is an effective way to become more productive. Once you can do this, the other ones will become easier.

8) Determine When You Are Most Productive

Many people are at their most productive in the early morning hours. Others, though, may do their best work late at night or in the middle of the afternoon. Determine when you personally are at your most productive and use those hours to their full advantage.

9) Set Time Limits

In all goals you set down for yourself, make sure you have a time limit. A Deadline and then a reward for yourself. You need this time limit so you have a sense of urgency in achieving that goal that you set for yourself.

10) Be A Goal Getter

GO GET IT . . .

That is a wrap.!

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Talk to you soon,
Daniel Iloh.

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