The Most Important Skill In Business, REVEALED!

I want you to stop every other thing you are doing now and just focus on this 5 minutes article.

This might just be what you needed to know all these time to move your business to where it is, to where you want it to be.

No matter the business you do, if you do not have this skill there will be a huge problem in business growth.

Whether you are selling long life, wealth, a cure to a health problem, a solution to climate change, you need this skill.


Let’s pause branding for a minute, pause the websites, the social media, the physical offices and all that. If you do not know sales, you are in for a huge crisis.

In my previous blog posts, I have outlined few techniques on how to close sales in your business.

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Today i want to tell you outrightly, what to do. No more putting down a list, i want to tell you exactly what you need to do to close more sales than ever before.

Now Remember, there are up to a billion entrepreneurs out there all selling the same product and service.

What makes yours unique?
Why should people buy from you?

Truthfully, NOTHING! The power is in this important skill, SALES.Your ability to convince people to buy from you. The ability to close the sale.

Now here it is, never forget this statement. Once you can understand this statement and know how to make use of it, you will be able to close more prospects and leads.

People Don’t Care How Much You Know, Until They Know How Much You Care.

Who connects to the prospects the most, closes the most sale. It is that simple.

Sales is an emotional game.!

See, your products don’t drive sales. Problems Does.
The ability for you to successfully diagnose your prospects problems will ultimately lead to a sale. Prospects want to know you care, they want to feel that you understand their problem and what ever you are selling, can give them a solution. If you can not make them feel that way, you can not close a sale.

Now if you are reading this, i want you to go on a 7-days challenge from today.
Let’s do this the old method, because if you can get this right you can get it right anywhere.
This is what i recommend you do:

1. Write down all the solutions your product or service can solve. (For example, Your product can be a supplement that cures diabetes.)
2. Make a list of the kind of people that needs your solutions. (For example, you can say diabetic patients)
3. Get an adverts up and running and send your prospects to a place where you can get their contact details, phone numbers to be precise.( For example, It can be a whatsapp group or a landing page website where they will fill a form directly)
4. Compile all these numbers together and dedicate 1 hour a day to call and send a broadcast message to all these numbers for 4 days only. (Note, it does not have to be consecutively. You can give gaps)

For these 4 days, here is what you will do

1. Your first day, you will make a phone call. Your first phone call has to be a bonding call where you will connect with the prospects and talk about their problems. (For example, you can talk more about diabetes, the problems it generated for you, how it stopped you from doing a lot of things and ultimately try and connect with the prospect) then if you can do this right, the prospect will ask you about your product and if you are outrightly good, you will get a sale.

Now if you do not, move to the second day.

2. Your second day, you will send a broadcast message to them talking more about their pain points and showing them you understand how they feel. (You can even send pictures and videos of past clients and how your product gave them a solutions)

This part is just to keep them engaged.

3. Your third day, you will send a broadcast message again. Do the same thing you did on day 2 but this time, add a urgent call to action.
What is an urgent call to action? Tell them what to do after reading your broadcast message and what they will gain if they take action and also what they will lose if they do not.

For example, after you highlight their pain points and update them about how your product can solve it for them then you will tell them:

Get 2 products now and i will give you a 10% discount
If you register on my business now, i will give you a script to make X in 30 days
I am about shipping this number of products to your location, i can ship yours today as well so you can get it as quickly as possible.

You see, this is an urgent call to action and by now, they will be begging you to take their money. Assuming they don’t then you proceed to day 4.

4. Your fourth day, you will place a call. This call will be done to understand why they have not bought your product or signed up with your business yet and of course they would give some reasons. Now this is what you will do:

Remind them of their pain points, again and again but this time, make it a horrific.
Tell them what they will lose or suffer if they do not get your product (In a soft way) then remind them of your urgent call to action again the previous day.

At this moment, the magic must definitely happen.

Now, if day 1 does not work for you, day 2 will. If that does not work either, day 3 will definitely be your day. Assuming day 1, 2 and 3 isn’t your good luck day, Day 4 will be the magic spot.

I hope you have understood this properly.

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Talk to you soon, Daniel Iloh

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