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Join Me Every Saturday & Sundays Where I Will Show You

How to sell anything to anyone, anywhere using a.i, email list and online marketing strategies

…By following a simple, high effective, proven process!

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From Daniel Iloh

London, United Kingdom.

If you want to learn how to be great in sales, then you can’t miss this program.


Days Hours Minutes Seconds

Every saturday and Sunday, You will learn how to Practically Sell anything and Have a Skill that Pays you For Life.

By Applying what you will get in this program, you can achieve your Dream And Crush Your Goals.
You will Learn How to use AI to automate your business
You will learn how to Get More Sales.
You will Learn how to Generate Leads and Prospect them
You will learn how to handle sales objections and Pitch to prospects.

Do You Know that 2 Out of Every 3 People in Your Industry/Career path Will Be Out of business in 6 Months — Simply because they couldn’t make it work?

Will You Be One of Them?

Even with your zeal, you can fail without the right knowledge. This is why people quit businesses and jump from one business to another.

This is why you keep struggling with sales, going to bed sad, hoping on luck to bring in a customer and praying that the government favours you.

What if i tell you that I have a Proven method that can guarantee your Success.

Yes! I will show you How to sell anything to anyone, anywhere without sounding salesy or begging for sales.

You will be able to start any business and be successful in it.

You will be able to pick up any product and sell it, Because you can.

You will be able to create offers overnight and bring in money the next day!

You will be able to meet your sales targets.

Hey, I’m Daniel Iloh.

You might have heard of me but if you have not, here is a brief summary. I am that digital marketer that has worked with over 1k+ Businesses and companies and responsible for over $2M in sales. I started a physical digital marketing office in one of the busiest city of Nigeria before relocating to the United Kingdom where I now work remotely. I have a BSc. in Computer science and an MSc. in International Business. Aside helping businesses grow, I also teach how to grow a highly profitable list.

All Glory to God for my accomplishments so far.

I changed my life in less than 1 Year! Back in 2016, I was a confused person Backhand Index Pointing Down Joypixels Sticker - Backhand ...

I was overwhelmed and unproductive.

I kept jumping from one business to another because I couldn’t get one to work.

Well, I almost lost my mind!.

If this is how you feel now, I have been there and I know how it feels.

I tried so many things to break through, Nothing was working.

 I started looking for a long lasting solution that will keep me ahead.

I yearned for a solution, something tangible that would change my situation and elevate my mindset to a truly high productive state. Just when I thought all hope was lost, I stumbled upon a game-changing solution that changed the game entirely.

Within few months of application, I became a top sales person.

Within few months of Applying this game changing solution, My life was never the same.

I became so good in sales that I started an advertising agency.

Get this, I was just 22 years old when I started this. At the time, this was a very huge accomplishment for me

I worked with the best people you can ever meet in this business and I am Glad we worked together.

This opened my eyes more to business and sales.

I got on billboard and flyers.

From not knowing what my future would be like in few months to being the talk of the town.

I was overwhemled.

I relocated to the UK to complete my masters degree and since then, I decided to remain here.

It was a hard decision but I could still handle my business remotely and I took the chance.

Since then, I have travelled to over 7 countries. This is me in the Eiffel Tower, Paris

It was a sight to behold.

I am a fan of arts and I happened to visit the Louvre Museum where I saw the original Mona Lisa.

So much people there, I couldn’t take a better picture haha.

I also visited Italy.

Lovely place I must add.

This is me in Ibiza, spain.

If you ever want to go on a vacation and you want to have lots of fun, I recommend spain.

It was giving.

I wouldn’t have been able to change my life if I didn’t take action on a piece of information I saw years back.

I have compiled everything and I am about to give it to you now.

The same steps I took that changed my life from almost giving up to living my best life.

Introducing Sales Ignite: The Weekends Training That Will Change Your life”

Inside “Sales Ignite,” you’ll discover:

  • How to sell using AI, email list and online marketing strategies
  • The key principles of effective selling
  • finding potential customers through various channels.
  • Strategies for handling objections and closing deals
  • the art of storytelling to connect with prospects emotionally.
  • And much more!

Enroll Now

Imagine you are able to take up any product and know how to sell it to anyone without stress.

After this program you will know exactly what you have been doing wrong in your sales game and how to change it

You will possess a secret power that propels you beyond the limits of ordinary productivity.

You have asked yourself so many times why people are reaching their goals and you are not or How is it possible for one person to achieve so much while others struggle to keep up? Is there a hidden formula that they are using?

Fortunately, the answer is a resounding YES!

Introducing Sales Ignite, the weekend program that will transform your work life and make others perceive you as a superhuman achiever. This groundbreaking system goes beyond the ordinary, providing tangible techniques and secrets that unleash your true potential.

No more poor sales, no more low income, no more jumping from one business to another.

Sales Ignite is the game-changer you have been desperately seeking.

What is Sales Ignite?

Sales Ignite is a Weekend Sales Mastery program for people who want to live an abundant lifestyle with ease by simply learning one skill, SALES.

By abundant lifestyle, I mean more time, energy, money, success and great relationships.

I will show you how to leverage tools around you to make life easier.

All these will be achieved by going through this program and applying what you will learn.

The weekend Sales Ignite Webinar Calendar

Next Webinar Batch Comes Up on Saturday & Sunday

Here is what you will be learning continuously 

  • Foundations of Selling (Worth ₦55, 000)
  • How to use AI to automate your business (Worth ₦200, 000)
  • Prospecting and Lead Generation Using Facebook Ads (Worth ₦100, 000)
  • Mastering the Sales Pitch (Worth ₦50, 000)
  • Handling Objections and Closing Deals (Worth ₦30, 000)
  • Building Strong Customer Relationships (Worth ₦100, 000)
  • Upselling and Cross-Selling (Worth ₦45, 000)
  • Continuous Improvement and Learning (Worth ₦120, 000)

Who Should Enrol for this Program?

✔ Professionals

✔ Business Owners

✔ Network & Affiliate Marketers

✔ Coaches and Trainers

✔ Entrepreneurs

✔ Sales reps

✔ Students & Graduates

✔ Stay at home Parents

Here is what you get from the Saturday & Sundays Sales Program

➡ Live Video webinar, Downloadable Content, Recorded Videos and Community ⬅

I want to hold you by the hand and guide you through your entire process every weekend. This is what I will be offering you:


Video Webinar✓

Live webinar every Saturday & Sunday (Worth ₦150, 000)

We will get on a Live video zoom call every Saturday & Sunday to get trained on the details alighted on the webinar calendar and also get do-to tasks.



50 secrets of selling (Worth ₦10, 000)

You will get my best selling e-book, 50 secrets of selling. In this e-book, you will learn every secrets you will be using in your sales game to scale and answer all objections.




Get AI prompts to make your business easier. You can use these prompts to get more valuable insight from Chatgpt.



How to followup on Prospects and convert them (Worth ₦5, 000)

You will be given step by step formula on how to follow up with prospects and convert them to sales.



How to make your business more profitable like a pro (Worth ₦5, 000)

You will get my guide on how to make your business more profitable like a pro


Recorded Video✓

How to run Facebook Ads With Your Mobile Phone (Worth ₦30, 000)

You will get a 30 Minutes video showing you how to run Facebook ads with your phone.


Recorded Video✓

How to build a successful brand (Worth ₦15, 000)

You will get a 30 minutes video showing you how to build a successful brand. Step by step process.



Join the telegram community (Worth ₦95, 000)

You will be added to the telegram group where you will get updates, business tips, updates, strategies, sales hacks and be able to communicate with other members as well.

The Total Worth of every thing you will be getting in this program is (Over ₦800, 000)

The Painful truth is This…

The value of this program far exceeds the investment cost of ₦800, 000 as the skills you will learn can lead to long-term financial gains and personal growth.

However, I won’t tell you to pay ₦800, 000.

Nevertheless, If I told you to pay ₦100, 000 right now, there is a 97% chance that you will still miss this offer. 

Afterwards, you will go back to your current life where you are struggling to get sales, have low income, stuck on your 9-5 Job, unhappy with your lifestyle and simply the same place you were few months ago.

After some time, you will see this program again and see the testimonials of the remaining 3% that actually took the decision today and you will be regretting why you didn’t take it earlier.

Time wasted!

The money you could have used to invest today, you might have spent it on food or other liabilities.

While the remaining 3% are already hitting their sales goal and earning in 6-7 figures monthly.

The question is this…

Will you be among the 3% Today?

I want to help you be among that 3%.

For today only, you won’t pay ₦800, 000

You will not pay ₦100, 000

In fact, you will not pay ₦60, 000

Here is a Recap of what you will get if You Are Among the 3% To Join This program Today

  • You will be Better in selling.

  • You will have a great Knowledge of lead generation.

  • You will have gained a skill that will give you 6-7 figures monthly

  • You will be more confident in sales.

  • You will have access to a community of other sales professionals.

  • You will be able to live a better lifestyle

  • You will become a better version of yourself & happier

See Some Results You Can Get From Sales Ignite

You can finally Supercharge Your growth Now! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to unlock the secrets of selling. 

For today only, You will Pay ThisBackhand Index Pointing Down Joypixels Sticker - Backhand ...


(Get all benefits Instantly)

  • Get all Downloadable content & Recorded videos Immediately
  • Get Access to the Telegram Community
  • Business Growth Template
  • Sales Hacks
  • Guides and Resources
  • Access to exclusive Insider meetings

Pay Online or Via Bank Transfer


Price goes up SoonBackhand Index Pointing Down Joypixels Sticker - Backhand ...

Days Hours Minutes Seconds

Claim Your Spot Among the Elite! 

Price goes up soon

Limited spots available!

Subscribe Now to secure your place in our program and start achieving superhuman productivity levels today!

Don’t let mediocrity hold you back. Take action now and join our program to X10 your productivity. 


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Discover how to setup your business on Google so when prospects search for what you sell, they can see your business. This will help you get more sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a physical class?

No, it’s an Online Program held via zoom.

If I pay and decide not to continue, will I get a refund?

I am so sure that you will get value from this program. However, if you pay now and decide not to proceed with the program within 7 days of payment, you are eligible for a refund

What happens after the program?

After the program you will still have access to the telegram community and all program contents and materials.

How long will I have access to the program materials and community?

As long as you wish to be part of the telegram community.

Do I need a laptop for the Sales Ignite Academy?

Most parts of the academy can be done on your phone. However, we advise that you have a computer for some other parts of the training you will get.

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