How to win high quality clients, work less and earn more money

Have you ever been in this situation?

You get lots of clients. They pay less than anyone else, they demand way more, and they’re a complete drain on time and energy and to add, at the end of the calender month, your profits are nothing to write home about.

We understand this.

But how do you say no to poor quality clients?

The truth is, only until you’re at that comfortable stage where you can pretty much pick and choose who you work with, can you ditch this type of client. But how do you get there, so you can earn more money for less time and effort?

You can become a profitable business owner with higher quality clients while reclaiming some of your life back.

I’ll show you how to get there with the following tips.

Branding yourself

To get higher quality clients, you have to act the part. Brand yourself to gives an impression of quality. Write enticing, intelligent copy for your website, detailing the depth of your skills and expertise. Wear the right clothing – look expensive. There’s nothing more powerful.

Believe in yourself

You need to be bold, assertive and confident. People buy with their eyes and ears, not their cash. Your clients will know if you believe in your product through hearing you or simply reading your copies. You need to believe in yourself. Because if you don’t think you can be a success, then you’ll go nowhere. What you put out is what you’ll attract, so go for it!

Get rid of low paying clients

You need to find your ideal clients first. Know your clients then you will know where they are. Instead of pleasing every client it might be better to focus only on a few large ones, the ideal ones. You only have limited time and energy, as such you’ll need to make a decision about which clients to go forward with. Of course, always be professional and communicate effectively with them. Giving them warning, and still working with them until they can find a replacement.

Whenever you consider working with someone new ask yourself this: “Will this client boost my own business and lead to bigger and better things?”. Because if it’s just a small, local company with few prospects – then you have to wonder whether it’s going to benefit your reputation long-term.

Top up your skills

You need to stay ahead of the game. Beat your competition by striving to learn new technology, new attitudes and demands. Because the more you know, the more skills you have – the more skills you have, the more you can sell yourself at a higher price.

Sell yourself

You are the product. You are what people will buy, not the product or services. Learn to sell yourself and your skills. You are worth something to others. You have skills people will pay for. Tell everyone! Sell your strengths and believe in them.

Increase your rates

The next time someone approaches you, increase your pricing. And the next time, add a little more. Keep doing this, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can boost your profits. As for existing clients, give the clients you want to get rid of plenty of warning about ‘rate increases’ and then send an email/formal letter detailing the changes. Remember, a 12% rise should be your absolute maximum. Then, it’s up to the unwanted client if they decide to stay or go. If they remain, at least you’ll be getting more money for the hassle.

Make yourself look bigger than you are

To attract the bigger client, don’t call yourself a ‘freelancer’. It sometimes has negative connotations. Instead, call yourself a ‘consultancy’ or small firm. That’s what you are. A ‘consultant’ who helps other businesses. Now ditch the ‘I’ language on your website and during conversation and start saying ‘we’. Make your business appear larger than it is, and you’ll have a better chance of attracting more prominent clients.

Once you’ve won the client, you can be honest – but only when you’ve had a chance to impress face-to-face.

Gain added credibility

To offer extra reassurance to those larger clients, join a professional body within your industry – something that proves you’re certified in your profession. If you’ve won awards, call yourself an ‘award-winning consultancy’. If your work has been featured in top magazines, always mention ‘as seen in’ to highlight the media coverage.

Don’t worry about looking like a show-off – all of these things give you credibility. And don’t forget to add testimonials from existing, happy customers either, particularly if they’re from credible brands.

Get more leads

After applying all tips in these blog post, if you do not showcase your business to new prospects, you will not get any single results. Attracting high quality clients is a result of showing your business to tons of prospects, then a little percentage of that converts.

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