Why You Need A Sales Funnel For Your Business

Whether you are a networker, realtor, importer, or business owner, If you are selling something today whether online or in a physical office, you need a sales funnel.

It’s that simple.

A well-planned sales funnel is THE backbone of virtually every successful business. It’s essential, and today, I’m going to break down the reasons why that is.

First of all, a sales funnel is that one page website that takes potential customers for a journey through the contents of your landing page all the way to purchase.

A sales funnel is the route that website visitors take to reach the final destination of buying products or services.

Similar to a marketing funnel, sales funnels also have several phases, all of which are meant to move users further and further down to the funnel (i.e., to the final sale or lead).

Here are the four basic stages of a sales funnel:

Awareness: People start becoming aware of your products or services (e.g., people look for a solution to a problem and find it on your blog).

Interest: Potential customers start taking an interest in your product (e.g., subscribing to your email list is a sign of user interest).

Decision: Potential customers finally decide to purchase your products or services.

Action: Potential customers make purchases and become actual customers.

Mission accomplished!

A sales funnel can explain your entire business in a one page and opt potential prospects to make payment even when you are asleep.

Here are 5 major reasons you need one:

1.A Sales Funnel Allows You To Build Trust And Authority

When you have a sales funnel and explain every details of your business on it with your pictures and contact information, it builds a lot of trust. Prospects will take you as an authority because you are online and reachable, not just someone they met via a cold-call.

It allows you to market to them, but most importantly, it allows you to introduce yourselves to them on your own terms and provide them with so much value, that they want to buy from you instantly.

2. A sales funnel automates your business

Imagine talking to over 50 persons a day trying to explain your business to all of them from beginning to the end.


With a sales funnel, you can be busy doing all other important stuffs while the prospects visits the sales funnel and goes through the page then contacts you for signup or even make payment directly.
Sales funnels makes business processes easier.

3. They give you real leads instead of prospects

Sales funnels can help you shuffle the serious leads with the unserious ones. This is called qualification and in the old days, we have to place calls or interact with leads or prospects to qualify them and know if they suit our businesses but now, a sales funnel can do all that.

Only serious leads will go through a sales funnel from beginning to the end and then make payment or contact you for more information.

This saves you a lot of time talking to unserious persons.

And there we have it.
That is why a sales funnel is very important.

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Talk to you soon,
Daniel Iloh.

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