The Real Reason Entrepreneurs QUIT

Before you start any business or even think of quitting, could you just read this article please?

Firstly, a business is not something you just wake up and decide to start. You have to do your due diligence. Keeping in mind that your analysis can never be 100% correct, you should still be open to failures because those are what makes you learn and conquer.

The real reason entrepreneurs quit is because they started the business with a WRONG MINDSET.

This is how most people think when they want to start a business



Sadly, this is how most persons think and this is the exact reason why entrepreneurs quit few weeks or months after starting a business. Ideally, a business ought not to make profit within the first 6 months to 1 year.

YES! Read that again.

If you truly want to build a business into an empire, an 8-10 figures business then you have to be PATIENT.

You have to create this mindset of consistency and persistence.
You need to understand that you will fail few times and even more until you succeed.

Upon your success, you will still fail and SUCCEED AGAIN.

“Business is a roller coaster ride.”

Now having this in mind, if you want to start a business or you currently feel like quitting then I want you to try one more time:

1. Re-strategize: Strategizing in business is formulating, evaluating and ensuring decisions are implemented to enable a business achieve its long-term goals and be successful. If you are not currently strategizing as an entrepreneur, apparently, you are like a farmer farming with no tools.

Now, I want you to strategize your business.
Draw out a plan.

What are the problems your business solves?
How do you get persons who needs your solutions?
How do you advertise your business?
How do you grow your business through referrals and social media?
How do you retain your current customer base and expand them?


2. Be Consistent and Persistent: You do not expect everything to go according to plan. Do you?

NAH! So you have to be consistent and persistent in what ever you are doing, keeping in mind that 0.1% growth is still growth. No matter how small you are growing, the important thing to note is that you are growing.

In conclusion, Do not quit that business!
If someone else is succeeding in it, then you too can.

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Talk to you soon,

Daniel Iloh.

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