DO THIS! & Increase your conversion rate by 15%

The average website conversion rates is around 2 percent.

That is, For every 100 visitors, you can expect to only get 2 customers. And honestly, that’s a bad conversion rate.

A 2% conversion rate means that you are not making the visitors take action.

You are distracting them.

Sadly, many sites only have a 0.1 to 0.2% conversion rate. That takes 1000 visitors to get 1 customer.

I want to tell you how to improve your conversions so you can get more customers with the traffic you already have.

There are really only 2 steps of selling anything fast with any price tag.

1. Make the customers figure out the value of product themselves: You can do this by adding testimonials and reviews to your sales copies. Outlining the benefits and having a strong sales copy might not be enough. Visitors needs to know that they are not the first using your service.

2. Locate the ideal customer: Stop wasting as budget on keywords, social media or platforms where your customers are not gathering. Be more specific with where you pump your ad budget into.

And you will see an increase in your conversions…

Want to see a typical example of this process, visit to learn more.

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