How To Follow Up With Clients Who Are Not Interested

Most often when prospecting, we get these responses “I need to talk to my wife/ husband/ business partner” or “I will get back to you” or “I don’t have that money”

We’ve all been there. 

When this happens, it feels like these prospects are uninterested, so writing them off seems logical.

But every good closer knows they need to follow up, right?

But… how do you follow up without coming across as too salesy or aggressive?

If you follow up too much or too quickly, you might seem desperate. You never want to be desperate. But if you never follow up, you’ll lose the prospect.

So how do you actually follow up with clients who are not interested? The secret is that the follow-up starts before you even get on the phone for the first time.

80% of sales reps require at least 5 follow-up interactions to close. 44% give up after one follow-up. So play the game using your intelligence and skill to nurture your prospect.

Here are 3 ways you can do that:

1. Offer Value And Content In Your Follow Up

Instead of always promoting your offer, Lead with value. This is an effective sales technique, even if you have a cold prospect. Send them something of value for free, without asking for anything in return. This can help revive the relationship. The key here is that it creates value for that person or company: a free workbook, session, book, sample or product you make.

This will build your relationship with them and bring them closer to conversion

2. Sell To The Pain Versus The Gain

Normally, when clients don’t move forward it’s not because they don’t like you or your solution, but more often because they don’t see the challenge being addressed as important enough. If you want to get a stalled deal moving again, you need to make sure the issue you are addressing the prospects problems head on. Address the clients objections in your followups. This is one of the reasons they have not yet converted.

3. Play The Long Game

If the relationship is important enough, play the long game. If you believe that a prospect will need your product or service down the road and they are worth enough to warrant the investment in time and resources, maintain an ongoing relationship. Keep a line of communication open and check in often enough so you are not forgotten (but not so often that you are deemed an annoyance). 

Keep this up, up to the 7th follow up and your prospect will definitely convert.

If you have any questions, drop it for me.

Cheers 🥂
Daniel Iloh.

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