Attention Is The NEW CURRENCY: Find Out How

Just letting you know, Attention is the NEW CURRENCY

The average human attention span is now shorter than a goldfish, that is about 8 seconds!

Yes, I mean it.

It takes only 8 seconds for your prospects to forget about your business that they just saw now and focus on another and with the spontaneous load of content a human sees daily, you can expect an instantaneous reaction which would result in forgetting about your business.

What do you do? SIMPLE!

There is a saying, “Those who insert themselves into many channels as possible will get the most value.”

You need to constantly be in places where your customers are.

You can’t do that alone! You need sponsored ads, you need followups, you need to give out value, you need to be there but mostly, YOU NEED TO HAVE A LIST

A business list of prospects who knows about you and you can reach out to at any time.

Strategise, you don’t have all time.!

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