How to Convert Qualified Leads to Sales Or Signup

Let me emphasize the word “QUALIFIED”

Qualified leads are those prospects that knows about your business already either through your adverts or through your landing page website or through constant followups.

This article serves as a guide to show you how to convert them to sales or signups. Once a prospect is well aware of your business, you just need to put in a little more effort to convert them.



Attention: try to connect to your prospects problem

Interest: trigger the pain your prospect feels and offer a solution

Desire: take them to a heaven where they will be after using your solution.

The idea of these sequence is to make them create the value of what you are selling by themselves.

For any business sale to be completed, these three steps must be followed accordingly. If one step is left behind, you will not close a sale.

It’s like opening a lock; you must take it step by step. Even if you know all the numbers in a lock and don’t insert it step by step, it fails.

The same applies for every business sale.


Getting a customer’s attention is the first step. Why should the customer listen to you?

You must present an idea that will assist the prospect’s desire to solve, avoid, achieve or preserve something.

Therefore, whatever you want to sell, device a question or statement that will attract the attention of the prospect.

The question or statement serves as a ringer for the prospect. As a tactic to make them feel they are in charge. This question or statement commands curiosity which ends up making them interested.


Next is to make the prospect have interest in your products and services. You can do this by showing to the customer how your products can benefit them.

They want to feel themselves using the product, they want to connect emotionally with you, the buyer.

They want to know that you felt the pain they felt and you finally want to render a solution to them.
People don
’t want just words. They want action. They want to see your product put to work, so show them. At this point, your customer should want to buy.


This final part is where you show your prospect the benefits your products or services will have to his business.

Note that you don’t show the features here, you tell the prospects benefits of the features.

“Features arouse interest, but benefits arouse desire” The desire for a product causes the prospect to buy.

How can you do this?
Paint a heavenly future for them. Sell a dream.
Sell joy.

They will surely buy or signup with you🥺🥺
Hope this article has been able to help you understand the process of conversion for prospects.

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