Business Consultancy & Facebook Advertising Training

Talk & Do Actual Work Examples with Daniel for 60 minutes and discover mind blowing strategies to scale your business.

Want Expert Help With Your Facebook Ads?

With this service I will show you or your marketing team exactly how to generate fantastic results with Facebook advertising.

Consultancy and training can cover the Facebook ad platform in general and provide an in depth education on all aspects of Facebook advertising…

Or it can be tailored to your business and include specific strategies that will help you accelerate your growth and acquire new customers.

This service is provided remotely via Zoom. With their screen-share function I can walk you through highly effective Facebook ad campaign creation and setup…

And take a look at your ad account (or whatever else you would like to cover) and make real time recommendations for adjustments and optimisation.


How It Works

Your consulting session with Daniel Iloh will include information on business strategies, Facebook ad campaign creation and setup, ad analysis and optimisation, plus any other Facebook ad strategies relevant to your business.

Mutual Screen Sharing

We would both share our screen for proper guidelines and practical work

Conducted via Zoom

We will use the video conferencing app called zoom.

60 Minute Session

The training will last for 60 minutes but I will still be your guide and mentor.

Price: ₦75, 500 ₦50, 000/HR/Person

Extra Hour(s) Cost ₦20, 000