Pre-Qualified Leads Delivered To Your Inbox THROUGH AN AUTOMATED SYSTEM

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I Have Generated Over 10 Million Leads Since 2019

My Clients Has Made Over $5M+ since 2019

& I have a huge client base spanning over 50+

HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO Generate Quality Leads With ZERO Risk for you using Multiple platforms like Facebook ads, Google ads, LinkedIn and much more!


your adverts On Facebook & Instagram Adverts

Your Adverts On Google and Youtube Ads

Your Adverts On Twitter Ads

Your Adverts On Linkedin Ads

All at the same time or one at a time. That is Massive!

Imagine You Never Have To Worry About Getting New Prospects Daily

If no one is seeing your business daily, it is as good as dead. In few weeks, you could run out of profit and cease to exist. We can help you solve that problem

Imagine being so sure of 20-50+ Customers Monthly

How about the uncertainty of not getting customers or selling even a single item of yours in a month. We will terminate that. When working with us, you can be sure of getting customers monthly.



For us to generate customers, we first generate Qualified leads for you, then we can turn this leads into customers. Leads are prospects interested in your business while customers are those that has made a purchase.
This is the system we use daily.

We Will

  • Setup Your adverts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  • Google ads
  • Snapchat & Youtube (to name just a few channels..)
  • We will use a Strategic customer generation tactic
  • We will use sales scripts templates we have used for other customers
  • We will setup your Sales funnels
  • We will setup your Campaigns
  • We do all Testing and Refining of Ads
  • We will do the Audience Targeting
  • We will do audience retargeting for you.
  • Pixel Installation

    We Don’t

  • make outrageous promise to you.
  • tell you a fixed conversion rate
  • guarantee you a fixed number of sales or signups


>>>Let us explain this so you can understand it better<<<

We use this formula: attracting, nurturing and converting – and that’s exactly how we work.
This process takes time but we quicken the process and get you conversions in the shortest possible time.

In More Understandable Words, This Is How We Setup Your Working Conversion System

We will create a system that works for your business to generate high quality leads and convert them. This system will include a Pre- sales page, a Sales page, a conversion page and a Follow-up sequence.

The pre-sales page is a page where we will ask for their details(Name, email, phone number, others) and outline benefits of your product or service to pre-qualify the leads.

The sales page is where we will explain your product and services in full details to fully qualify leads then ask for the sale.

The conversion page is where we will ask for the sale or for them to contact you then finally.

A follow up sequence will be activated and sent to them for three(3) weeks which will result in increased conversions and upscales. 

Explaining further... We will generate traffic to get us Leads

We Drive Prospects To your pre-sell Page using any advertisement channel, be it Facebook, Instagram, Google, Tik tok, Linkedin or Youtube. We aim to drive in prospects to the conversion system, qualify them then convert them. 

Your Prospects comes to the Pre-Sales page

The prospects will come to The pre-sales page where we will ask for their details(Name, email, phone number, others) and outline benefits of your product or service to pre-qualify the leads.


Your Prospects comes to The Sales Page

In the sales page, we will explain your product and services in full details to fully qualify the leads then ask for the sale. 

Your prospects convert to customers

The conversion page is where we will ask for the sale or for them to contact you. Whether you are looking to book strategy calls, Whatsapp texts, pre-orders, orders event registrations or product sales, We’ll deliver it.

We Follow up on those leads or Customers

We will setup a follow up sequence which will be sent to prospects that did not convert and those that converted too for one to three weeks which will result in increased conversions and upscales. 


The follow ups will lead to increased conversions and upscaling those that already converted as well. By this stage, your business is in full automation and running on it’s own.


What Is Your Responsibility in All These Process?

Thanks for asking, you are so smart!
As much as we would like to tell you that we will handle every process, that is not entirely possible. You still have some work to do yourself.


Replies and Engagement

You will be responsible for replying to all comments and engagements you will get on our advertisements channels and also you will reply to leads and enquiries and customers and orders coming to you via telegram or whatsapp or phone calls

Confirmation of orders

You will confirm all orders you get from customers and also notify us on successful and failed payments from customers that you will get.


You should be available to engage with leads as well as customers as well in order to help with the conversion process.

Easy right?


Now to Business, Here Is Our Offer

I want to setup this exact scalable system for your business but you must be quick to grab it NOW! You will not be charged until after 7 days or once you get your first 20 leads. I have limited slots for businesses I work with every single month and if you do not take the offer now, our prices could go up the next month or even worse, you won't have a slot.

These are the system that I want to setup for you

Attraction System

Nurturing System

Converting & Follow UP System 

What Is The Next Step?

Book a 30 Minutes clarity call so we can strategise via video call.

Some Frequently Asked Questions You Might Need Answers to

We have worked with well over 400+ business and saw them into profits with a huge ROI and We can definitely help you get more success rate.


Our payment structure is flexible. You can chose to pay either a double payment on the professional plan or a single payment on starter and basic plan. Nevertheless, if paying double, ensure to pay the upcoming batches on time to avoid pause of advert campaigns.

You can pay through Company account only or online.

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0629973522

One of our consultants will contact you to get started with the onboarding process immediately. You will be asked to provide the details needed for your project to commerce and you will be added to a telegram group alongside a specialist team of ad account managers, graphic artists, copy writers and your personal client manager who will be in touch with you during the cause of the project.


Sure, you can reach out to us  anytime, Monday to friday 9AM TO 4PM. Call our phone at +447361172479 or send an email to


Yes, your adverts will run 24/7 and whenever there is a pause so as to edit audience or setups, we will notify you as well.


All we need is your Name(Business name), Email, Phone Number, Business details, available creatives (Graphics, videos, infographics, PDFs)

You will make us admin on your Facebook page and give us access to your instagram and Youtube account as well.

If you do not have any of these social media account or profiles, we can create that for you.


Setting up the system will take us 7-10 working days. Adverts should begin immediately afterwards.


We have a full 7 days refund policy. If you work with us for 7 days and you do not like our services, you can ask for a full refund and we will refund you. No questions asked.


Due to uncontrollable circumstances like ads disapproval, ad account bans, Page bans e.t.c, adverts might take longer time to kick off. However, these delays won’t be added to your total adverts time and we do appreciate your patience while sorting this out. Thank you.


NO. We do not work during the weekends. All edits, corrections must be done during the week days.


We can not tell the exact number of leads we can provide to you due to various niches of business and other factors like offer, funnel length and location. However, you will get value for your investment.


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