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In 30 Days! You will learn how to Build a List That AmazingPays You For Life

The Lead Generation Academy is designed for one critical purpose. To show you how to generate and Engage leads using Paid Ads.

The one reason you are always running out of sales is this – you do not have a list — If you ever want to build a business that will generate residual income for you, then you need to learn how to build a list.

Do you always create ads that poorly converts which cost you money all the time?

Do you always get leads that does not convert all the time?

Are you scared that your products/services are too expensive for people to purchase online?

Or you are a new-bie that does not know jack about setting up and running an ad?

Then this is for you, even if you have never run an ad before, I will teach you how to Build a Profitable List of Buyers that will Patronize you for Life.

As a Business owner I did not get here by accident, there were times that I wasted money on adverts online, I have been scammed by so advertisers who took my money and gave me no leads, while some couldn’t deliver the job properly. It costed me my sleep, my mental health and my hard earned money. It’s very painful to see your hard earned money wasted with little or no Return of Investment, not to even talk about seeing a profit, I have been there.

Having suffered the agony of losing money, my mental health and peace, I resorted to looking for a long lasting Solution to my pain that will benefit me and my business. This search came with it’s own challenge, who will teach me this thing once and for all? I started doing my research, spent six figures in buying couses online both local and international, stayed up all night searching youtube, it started making sense why I was loosing money creating ads that were not converting and paying people to do same thing.

I discovered the need and power of generating leads that will not only be in need of my services, but that also have the capacity to pay for my services.

My clients have sold products worth Millions of Naira to their list using this Lead generation system.

I have coached people who are now writing their own Paycheck to the bank using Lead generation. Some have bought landed properties, increased their business revenue and are having a comfortable life for themselves,.

We are not here to play. Or are you? I will leave that question for you to Answer.

Just picture yourself being able to write your own paycheck by generating a buying list. You can't go broke when you have a list that are hungry to pay for your product or services. 

A lead in your list can pay you X10 of what you spend on ads, this is me just giving you a simple possibility and I have leads that have paid X20.

Incase you are wondering what a Lead is, here it is; leads in marketing refer to any individual or organization within your marketing reach who has interacted with your brand way or has the potential to become a future customer.

Let's say, I budget N250,000 for Lead generation to my Advert Agency with the space of 14 days with Advert Packages which cost up to N500,000 and above;

Then got 250 Leads at a rate of N1000 per lead or let’s even see a harder case N1500 per lead which is 166 persons.

From the 250 leads I closed 10%(made them pay for my service)  immediately or even 5%, which 10% is my immediate closing rate. Now. 

What’s 5% of 166 leads, use your calculator let’s work it out, which is approximately 13 persons  Right? Stay with me

8 X N500,000(lowest package) = N4,150,000 as Revenue in 14 Days of Leads Generation. These are the ones converted immediately, not the ones that will pay later. Stop Playing with this thing. Learn it Once and for all.

When you hear Top Affiliate Marketers like Toyin Omotosho, Caleb Nwanneka, Sam Harvard, etc call 8 or 9 figures they generate from marketing you will be Amazed, like ‘how did they do it?’. Some persons will find it difficult to believe, but it is what it is. They all have one obsession in common, which is Leads generation for their business. 

Here is a tweet from Billionaire Toyin Omotosho below;

You will be out of Business without knowing how to do this, you will run out of clients without knowing how to do this. 

That is why I want to teach you in 30 Days How you can generate leads consistently on Facebook and Build a List for your business/service using Facebook Ads that will fund the lifestyle you desire in My Lead Generation Academy.

This is not your Regular class, it is designed to take your business to the point where Buyers are Readily Hungry to Purchase from you. 

Maybe you are saying you have not set up an Ad before, do not worry this program covers you entirely. Both for Newbies and Intermediate advertisers.  

Or you are saying you do not have a laptop. So far you have a smartphone I will teach you how to set converting facebook ads using your smartphone.

Training – Monday, Wednesday and Sunday weekly for 4 weeks.

Who is this Class for?

– Small and Big Business Owners

– Agency Owners

– Affiliate Marketers

– Real Estate Developers and Brokers.

– Multi-Level-marketers

– People into Ecommerce and anybody that has something to sell.

Here are the things you will be able to do easily after 30 days;

– How to set up a facebook ad for the first time

– You will be able to Run a profitable advert.

– How to get your ad approved faster.

– How to get back disabled accounts.

– How to create Highly captivating creatives for your advert.

– The nits and grits of List building.

– How to target rich people that will buy your product/service/sign up for your business.

– Creating follow up contents that will help you convert your leads faster.

– How to run Facebook ads straight to your WhatsApp and Messenger inbox.

– How to set up a high converting landing page using Selstack.

– How to automate E-mail that will send to your leads while you are sleeping.

Now I am sure by now you know that you need to Learn List building and Lead Generation using Facebook ads.

You are probably thinking how much I will charge you to enroll right? Before that let me tell you a little that I passed through before getting here.

My journey to overcome the challenge of lead generation was an arduous and humbling experience, requiring immense perseverance. I immersed myself in exhaustive research and tirelessly explored diverse techniques, encountering numerous setbacks and roadblocks along the way. Yet, I remained undeterred, learning valuable lessons from each failure that ultimately paved the path to success.

Even if I make the fee a million naira it will worth every pain I have been through. 

The process of refinement demanded both mental and emotional resilience, pushing me to the limits of my capabilities.

But I will consider you and make it a little more affordable for you, I will charge you for N350,000 only. Now I have done very well for you.

Still on the high side? No I don’t think it is, I have spent so much on this, but I will help you get there so you can liberate your business. Pay N100,000, I will allow rip me off with this fee. You wouldn’t want to waste millions trying to learn this like I did.

Is it still high you? I really want to help you take your business from grass to Success in this 30 days, so you can’t Miss it.

I am going to do this once, if you are lucky to key in good for you, I will give you a chance to enroll with just N30,000, which I advice to pay now. I will definitely change this very soon as a lot of persons are taking their slots already.

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